Ship Nr: 174
Find Name: Galtabäck I
Subject Type: Wreck
Country: Sweden
Site: Halland
Findspot: Galtabäck
Local Coordinates:   
Depository: Varberg Museum
Archive: Varberg Museum Göteborg Stadsmuseeum Antikvariska Topografiska Arkivet Sjöfartsmuseet
Contact: Länsmuseet Varberg Fästningen SE-432 44 Varberg Tel: 0340-18520
Conservation: Conserved
Year of Discovery: 1928
Cultural Context: Medieval
Century: 12th Century AD
Exact Dating: Yes
Function: Cargo vessel
Operating Environment: Coastal
Type: Nordic
Reconstructed Length: 13.10
Reconstructed Width: 3.60
Reconstructed Heigth: 1.35
Material: Oak (Quercus spp.)
Propulsion: Oared; sailed
Constructional Features: Clinker build
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Literature: Yes
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