North Ferriby boat 3

This Bronze Age boat was discovered by E. V. Wright in 1963 in the intertidal zone of the River Humber at North Ferriby, East Yorkshire, England.

The boat is C14 dated to about 1300 BC.

The remains comprise parts of two incomplete oak (Quercus) planks that originally lay to one side of a 'keel-strake' which was not found. There was evidence of the boat being broken up by axe. The bottom strake was 7.7m long, and the lowest strake of the side was 5.67m long. The planks were attached to each other by stitches of withies, and the seam was caulked with moss held down by laths of wood. No trace of any cleats existed, and the spacing of the stitch holes was such that this could not have been part of North Ferriby Boat 2.

Main Publication:

Edward Wright, The Ferriby Boats: Seacraft of the Bronze Age. 1990, Routledge, London.

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