Kamień Pomorski


Hydrotechnic work carried out in 1984 at the mouth of the Dziwna river led to the accidental discovery of a medieval shipwreck. The wreck was lying on the opposite side of the Kamień Pomorski town, on a wetland area adjacent to the shoreline of Karpinska Cove. It was situated at about 400 m north of the medieval harbour of Kamień Pomorski. A team led by prof. Wladyslaw Filipowiak from the National Museum in Szczecin conducted the investigation in summer 1984. The wreck was damaged by a backhoe during the deepening of the river bed. The wreck was covered approximately 1,20 m of sediments. The layer immediately above the wreck contained fragments of 11th-12th century ceramic material. Its keel was preserved for a length 4,15 m and was T-shaped in cross-section. Only a 45-cm - long fragment was preserved from the original stem. The strakes were joined in the lapstrake manner, and fastened with treenails 1,2 - 1,5 cm in diameter. The treenails used to fasten the strakes to each other were replaced with iron nails only at the hood ends of the planks, the scarf between the keel and the stem, the scarfs in the planking, and in fastening knees to the beams. The reconstructed vessel attains an overall length 11,60 m and a maximum breadth of 2.70 m. This was probably a trader for coastal/estuarine waters built after 1142 AD.

W. Ossowski