Collections of the Polish Maritime Museum are connected with following topics:

- history of shipping and sea trade (like navigational instruments, ships’ fittings and furniture, parts of cargoes, ships’ artillery, sailors’ personal effects, flags)

- history of river shipping and trade (traditional ships and boats used on inland waterways and their models, models of river ports)

- history of ship- and boatbuilding (ancient ships and boats, historical and present-day models of ships, models of shipyards, constructional elements of ancient ships, shipbuilding and sailmaker’s tools )

- traditional boats from the whole world

- yachting (yachts "Opty" and "Dal", yachts’ fittings, log-books)

- survival at sea (lifeboats and personal equipment)

- fishery (traditional fishing boats and tools, models of fishing vessels)

- ports’ development (models of ancient and present-day ports and wharves, loading/unloading facilities, navigation buoys),

- oceanography (fishes, birds, corals, seashells)

- works of marine art (European painting from 17th-20th century, Polish marine painting, mainly from 19th and 20th centuries, craft works).

The core of the collections consist of artifacts recovered during underwater investigations by the Museum’s team of divers from the wrecks of ships that sank in the Bay of Gdańsk between the 15th and the beginning of 20th centuries.

Traditional sailing-boat from Sri Lanka


Traditional fishing-boat of the Hel area

Ivan K. Aivazovski, Farewell at sunrise

Model of the "Peter von Danzig"

Part of a cargo from the medieval "copper-ship"

Model of a submarine built by Stefan Drzewiecki in 1877