kaart Nijmegen mrom

Nijmegen between c. AD 70 and 270. The castra was already gone when Ulpia Noviomagus was walled in.
(Bureau Archeologie, Nijmegen)

1: legionary fortress (castra) of the tenth legion on the Hunerberg
2: camp village (canabae) around castra
3: Waalkade settlement (associated with military site?)
4: Vlaamse Gas settlement
5: Ulpia Noviomagus
6: Ulpia Noviomagus’ gravefield
7: gravefield of castra and canabae

A: market hall
B: castra headquarters
C: amphitheatre
D: mansio (inn)
E: temples on Maasplein
F: bath house
G: temple
H: bridge over the Waal