Harbour informations about: Shipshed

The excavations brought to the light remains of shipsheds belongimg to the naval harbour, at the south of the hill, under the sanctuary of Astarte and Hercules-Melkart, and behind the present Volleyball field. Until 1993 a total of six sloped ramps were discovered, which connect to a perpendicular wall at the north, thus suggesting that these buildings were a single unit built to house a large number of ships. The length of the sheds that were revealed, without the excavation having been completed, is 25m with a width of 5m. Similar sheds at Pireaus have a length of 35m and 5.5m width. Parallel to the ramps the excavators discovered small walls that divided the sheds evenly. These walls were most likely to have been the base for a row of wooden colums that supported a tiled roof, of which many tiles have been recorded. With the complete excavation of the structure, which is hampered by the rising water level, statistics concerning the size of the Kition fleet and the capabilities of the ships, as well as comparisons between Greek and Phoenecian Triremes, can be assessed.


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