Harbour informations about: Jetty

The two jetties (moles) were constructed, in their upper part, with the use of rectangular large stones of local porous limestone (aktetis) with a length of more than 3.30m which were held in position with the help of clamps sheathed with lead (Mazarakis-Ainian, Ph., 1992,p.81). The southwest mole had a length of 190m while the northeast mole extended over a length of 95 m to form a circular tower set on a square foundation 12m wide. In the middle of that distance a space of 1.70mx 18m was formed and contained a building (8.30mx 10.15m) with its entrance oriented to the sea and could be a small temple or an earlier form of a beacon (Mazarakis-Ainian, Ph., 1992,p.81), (Fig.14). A part of the eastern mole survives today in good condition (Eickstedt,K.V.Von, 1991, p.80).


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