A Gallo-Roman Trading Vessel from Guernsey; The Excavation and recovery of a Third Century Shipwreck

Margaret Rule & Jason Monaghan

Guernsey Museum Monograph Number 5 (157 pages)

1993 States of Guernsey | ISBN 1 871560 03 9

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monograph 5 cover

The Gallo-Roman shipwreck discovered in 1982 at the entrance to St Peter Port harbour provides us with unique evidence for the construction of sea-going vessels built in the Celtic tradition. The ship, known locally as 'Asterix', bears a striking resemblance to those of the Veneti as described by Caesar. The archaeological investigation was undertaken by Dr Margaret Rule CBE, internationally known for her work on the Henry VIII's warship the Mary Rose.

Many images from the monograph and information about the wreck can be seen on the NAVIS ancient shipwreck database website.

The Guernsey Maritime Trust was formed to investigate and raise this vessel. Margaret Rule is a Trustee and also Director of Research at the Mary Rose Trust, Portsmouth. Jason Monaghan was employed by the Guernsey Maritime Trust as resident archaeologist and, at the time of publication, worked for the York Archaeological Trust.